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From large commercial properties to smaller neighborhoods, it's important for pedestrians to have a place to walk. If your property could use a sidewalk or a few curbs, contact Williams Paving Corp. We offer curb and sidewalk paving services in the Los Angeles, California area.

We can repave your curb or sidewalk or install a new section. If we need to tear down existing concrete, we'll obtain any necessary permits before the work begins. There are no restrictions when it comes to the size of the sidewalk or curb paving job.

Call 866-384-6901 today to schedule sidewalk paving services in Los Angeles, CA.

Every sidewalk installation is a smooth process

Every sidewalk installation is a smooth process

We take the time to mix your concrete correctly before any installation begins. Properly mixed concrete will:

  • Strengthen your hard surface and minimize the risk of cracking
  • Boost its appearance, resulting in smooth concrete for years to come
  • Make it durable so that it can withstand heavy traffic

We can also install gutters into the concrete, if necessary. Get professional curb paving services in Los Angeles, CA by contacting Williams Paving Corp. today.